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 المنهاج الجديد من أول حتى رابع ||  مادة للاستعداد على امتحان المدير المساعد 2016

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Project Accountant

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Ajyal Ajyal Association for Creativity and Development is a Palestinian nongovernmental organization firstly established in 2003 and registered at the Ministry of Interior, no.7329. It mainly aims to contribute in the Palestinian society development through implementing a variety of programs and developing projects. It seeks likewise to develop the concepts of community work according to a vision suits our society needs and to increase the targeted groups awareness and perception to contribute in a real development process to ultimately enhance and develop our society abilities. Ajyal works on four main programs: (Youth, child, woman and humanitarian support).

Catholic Relief Services CRS and Ajyal Association for Creativity and Development will be creating Child Friendly Community Centers in Gaza City. They will target children live in the border areas, which affected from 2014 conflict. The aim of Child Friendly Community Centers is to provide a safe and structured space for children to regain a sense of normality by taking part in regular recreational and cultural activities. This also allows children to improve their emotional, resilience and psychological wellbeing. Activities might include games, life skills, health education, sports, music, art and drama. As well, the centers will target the caregivers of the children and provide them with PSS sessions in order to develop their resilience and wellbeing. Ajyal is recruiting candidates for the following position; we welcome all applications from qualified and motivated men and women.

Position Title: project accountant (part-time)

Number of positions: 1
Geographic Scope: Child Friendly Community Centers, Gaza City
Period: 7 months with possibility of extension.
Starting date: As soon as possible
Reports to: CFCC project Coordinator (Direct) and Executive Director (Indirect)

Tasks and Responsibilities:

- Managing the project budget-by-budget formulation, controlling allocations, monitoring expenditures, and preparing revisions according to the needs of the project;
- Recording and Bookkeeping of financial transactions includes payments, receipts and other journal entries;
- Prepare payment requests and get the needed approvals. This entails control of supporting documentation for vouchers/invoices and checking for correctness of expenditure lines and budget project codes against which the payment requests are issued;
- Timely and accurate preparation of financial reports, in compliance with the financial obligations stated in the signed partnership agreement;
- Work closely with the project Coordinator (budget holder), for budget follow up , proposed budget reallocations , cash forecast and other issues related to purchases.
- Maintain up to date archiving system for the financial reports, and staff work contracts.( both soft and hard copies)
- Prepare Monthly Cash flow forecasts and the bank reconciliation.
- Ensures the effective recording and reporting system, internal control and audit follow-up and processes administrative and financial transactions in an accurate and timely way;
- Perform any other financial tasks that could be required.
- Ability to handle different budget formats including matching activities with actual expenses alongside with vouchers and other supporting documents.

Academic and Professional Qualifications and Experience

- University degree in Accounting, business administration or other relevant filed;
- Minimum 3 years relevant experience in NGO accounting;
- knowledge of MS Office, particularly Excel;
- Experience in using the accounting system (Golden Asseal );
- Excellent reporting and formal writing skills in both English & Arabic;
- Ability to prepare financial plans and financial analysis;
- Ability to work under pressure and within a team.
- Work under pressure and the ability to work within a team.


Qualified candidates can submit the following documentstto


- Cover Letter (ca. 200 words)
- the most recent CV including 3 professional contacts as references.

Kindly indicate the job title in the subject line of the email e.g.: CFCC accountant (part-time).

Deadline for submitting applications 23/9/2016, no later than 4 p.m.

الموضوع الأصلي: Project Accountant | الناشر: مكتب دفاتر للمحاسبة | المصدر: الملتقى التربوي

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