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مصطلحات اللغة الإنجليزية لبعض الأفعال Idioms with verbs

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مصطلحات اللغة الإنجليزية لبعض الأفعال المركبة idioms with verbs

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Idioms with Break

Break away = escape
Meaning : يهرب
Example : The SDP BROKE AWAY from the Labour Party.

Break down = fail to act
Meaning : يتعطل
Example : His car broke down , when he was returning home.

Break into = enter by force
Meaning : يقتحم
Example : Three thieves broke into the bank to rob it

Break off = put an end to
Meaning : يفسخ , يضع نهاية لـ
Example : They broke off thier engagement .

Break out = suddenly begin
Meaning : يندلع
Example : A fire broke out in the store yesterday .

Break up = end
Meaning : يتعطل
Example : When does your school usually break up?

Idioms with bring

Bring about = cause to happen
Meaning : يسبب
Example : Hard work brings about success .
Bring up = look after during childhood
Meaning : يُربي
Example : My parents brought me up strictly.

Idioms with call

Call at = make a short visit
Meaning : يُمر بـ
Example : Call at the butcher's and get some meat .
Call for = Demand
Meaning : يستدعي , يتطلب
Example : The Opposition party CALLED FOR the minister's resignation after the scandal broke.
Call in = ask to come = summon
Meaning : يطلب
Example : We had to CALL IN a plumber because the sink was leaking and I had no idea how to fix it.
Call off = stop
Meaning : ينهي , يوقف
Example : CALL OFF your lawyers; we can work something out .
Call on = visit
Meaning : يزور
Example : As we were in the area, we CALLED ON my sister-in-law.
Call out = shout
Meaning : ينادي
Example : The teacher called out the names of the pupils.
Call up = ring up = telephone = phone
Meaning : يخابر
Example : I CALLED him UP as soon as I got to a phone to tell him the news.

Idioms with carry

Carry a way = sweep a way
Meaning : يجرف
Example : The flood has carried away the wooden bridge .
Carry on = continue
Meaning : يستمر
Example : CARRY ON quietly with your work until the substitute teacher arrives.
Carry out = fulfil = perform
Meaning : ينفذ , ينجز
Example : The government is CARRYING OUT test on growing genetically modified crops.

Idioms with come

Come about = happen
Meaning : يحدث
Example : The meeting CAME ABOUT because both sides were sick of fighting.
Come across = Find by accident = Find by chance
Meaning : يلاقي صدفة , يجد بالصدفة
Example : I CAME ACROSS my old school reports when I was clearing out my desk
Come apart = Break into pieces
Meaning : مكسورة الى اجزاء
Example : It CAME APART when I tried to lift it off the floor and I had to glue it back
Come around = Recover consciousness
Meaning : إستعدْ وعياً
Example : It took several hours after the operation before he CAME AROUND.
Come before = Appear in court charged with a crime or offence
Meaning : متهم بـ او مخالف لـ
Example : He CAME BEFORE the court on charges of speeding.
Come by = Visit
Meaning : يزور
Example : I'll COME BY after work and see if you need any help.
Come down = Rain
Meaning : تمطر
Example : Just look at the rain COMING DOWN! I'm not going out in that.
Come from = Country or town where you were born
Meaning : بلد الولادة او المواطنة
Example : She COMES FROM Somalia
Come in = Arrive for flights
Meaning : وصول الرحلة
Example : The plane CAME IN at two-thirty in the morning.
Come back = return
Meaning : يرجع او يعود
Example : When did you come back home last night?
Come into = Inherit
Meaning : يرث
Example : She CAME INTO a lot of money when her grandmother died.
Come into use = Start being used
Meaning : يدخل في الاستعمال
Example : The computerised system CAME INTO USE at the end of last year.
Come on = Encouragement
Meaning : تشجيع
Example : COME ON; don't give up now when you're so close to finishing.
Come up = Appear
Meaning : تظهر للنباتات
Example : I'll be late home tonight because something's COME UP at work has to be ready for tomorrow morning.

Idioms with get

Get = have = posses = own
Meaning : يملك
Example : He has got a large farm .
Get about = Visit many places
Meaning : زار اماكن كثيرة
Example : I GET ABOUT a lot with my job- last years I visited eleven countries.
Get across = Communicate successfully
Meaning : إتّصلْ بنجاح
Example : I just couldn't GET my message ACROSS at the meeting.
Get at = find out = discover
Meaning : يكتشف
Example : How can we get at the truth?
Get a way = escape
Meaning : يهرب
Example : One of the prisoners got away .
Get on = get onto = enter means of transport
Meaning : يركب واسطة نقل
Example : We GOT ON the train at Plymouth and went up to London.
Get down = deseend
Meaning : يترجل , ينزل
Example : He got down from the horse .
Get out = Leave a place
Meaning : يخرج
Example : The dog GOT OUT because I left the door open.
Get up = Get out of bed
Meaning : نهض من الفراش
Example : I GET UP at seven o'clock on weekdays, but lie in till noon at the weekend.

Idioms with give

Give away = present
Meaning : يقدم
Example : The minister gave away the prize to the winners .
Give back = return
Meaning : يرجع او يعود
Example : Could you give me back my dictionary ?
Give in = surrender = yield = accept defeat
Meaning : يستسلم
Example : They GAVE IN when the police surrounded the building.
Give up = Stop doing something
Meaning : يتخلى عن , يترك
Example : I have GIVEN UP trying to help them.

Idioms with go

Go back = return
Meaning : يرجع او يعود
Example : He went back home at noon time .
Go down = Sunset
Meaning : يغرب , وقت الغروب
Example : The sun WENT DOWN at seven o'clock.
Go away = Leave a place or disappear
Meaning : يترك المكان او يختفي
Example : This drug should make the pain GO AWAY.
Go into = Discuss in some detail
Meaning : يناقش بعض التفاصيل
Example : They refused to GO INTO exactly what was wrong.
Go off = Explode (bomb), start ringing (alarm)
Meaning : ينفجر
Example : The fire alarm WENT OFF because someone was smoking in the toilets.
Go on = Continue
Meaning : يستمر
Example : He WENT ON and ON talking and I was so bored.
Go over = Look at something, revise
Meaning : يراجع او يتفحص شيئاً ما
Example : We WENT OVER our notes before the exam.
Go with = Combine nicely = match
Meaning : ينسجم مع
Example : Does this tie GO with my shirt?

Idioms with Ask

Ask after = Enquire about someone's health, how life is going
Meaning : إستفسرْ حول صحةِ شخص ما
Example : Jenny rang earlier and ASKED AFTER you, so I told her you were fine.
Ask around = Ask a number of people for information of help
Meaning : يسئل بغرض المساعدة
Example : I have no idea, but I'll ASK AROUND at work and see if anyone can help.
Ask for = To provoke a negative reaction
Meaning : يبحث عن مشاكل
Example : You're ASKING FOR trouble
Ask in = To invite somebody into your house
Meaning : يدعو الى بيته
Example : 'Jon's at the door.' 'ASK him IN.'
Ask out = To invite someone for a date
Meaning : يطلب موعد غرامي
Example : He wanted to ASK her OUT but was too shy.
Ask over = Invite
Meaning : يدعو
Example : They have ASKED us OVER for drinks on Friday.
Ask round = Invite someone
Meaning : يدعو
Example : We ASKED John ROUND for diner.

Idioms with Keep

Keep around = Keep something near you
Meaning : يبقي الشي الى جانبه
Example : I KEEP a dictionary AROUND when I'm doing my homework.
Keep at = Continue with something difficult
Meaning : الاستمرار رغم الصعوبه
Example : She found the course hard but she KEPT AT it and completed it successfully.
Keep away = 't allow someone near something
Meaning : احفظه بعيداً عن متناول
Example : Medicines should always be KEPT AWAY from children.
Keep back = Maintain a safe distance
Meaning : ابقى على مسافة امنه
Example : The police told the crowd to KEEP BACK from the fire.
Keep down = Not vomit
Meaning : لا يَتقيّأَ
Example : The food was so horrible that I struggled to KEEP it DOWN.
Keep from = Control yourself, refrain
Meaning : سيطر على نفسه , امتنع
Example : I couldn't KEEP FROM arguing with her.
Keep in = Not allow someone out
Meaning : لا يسمح له بالمغادرة
Example : The teacher KEPT the students IN after school because they had misbehaved.
Keep off = Not talk about
Meaning : لا يَتحدّثَ عنه
Example : She KEPT OFF the subject of her divorce.
Keep on = Continue
Meaning : يستمر
Example : He KEPT ON trying and succeeded in the end.
Keep out = Not allow someone to enter
Meaning : لا يسمح له بالدخول
Example : The police KEPT the demonstrators OUT of the building.
Keep up = Not let someone go to bed
Meaning : لا يدع الشخص ينام اي بمعنى يزعجه
Example : My neighbours KEPT me UP till after 4 am with their loud music last night.
Keep an eye on = watch
Meaning : يراقب
Example : Please keep an eye on the child .

Idioms with Lay

Lay down = Kill, murder
Meaning : يقتل
Example : He got LAID DOWN in a turf war about supplying drugs.
Lay into = Criticise angrily
Meaning : إنتقدْ بغضب
Example : His partner LAID INTO him when he arrived two hours late.
Lay off = Make an employee redundant
Meaning : إجعلْ مستخدمَ عاطلَ
Example : The hotel LAID OFF twenty staff because tourist numbers were down.
Lay on = Organise, supply
Meaning : ينظم او يجهز
Example : They LAID ON a buffet lunch at the conference.
Lay out = Spend money
Meaning : يصرف , ينفق
Example : They LAID OUT thousands of pounds on their wedding reception

Idioms with Lock

Lock away = Lock in a safe place
Meaning : يحفظه في مكان امن او بعيد عن متناول اليد
Example : He LOCKED the gun AWAY in a drawer.
Lock down = Make very secure
Meaning : يجعله امن جدا
Example : If you lock down your computer properly, it is very difficult for people to access it.
Lock in = Lock a place to stop someone leaving
Meaning : يحبس شخصاً ما
Example : They LOCKED him IN the room until he had calmed down.
Lock onto = Find a target and head for it
Meaning : وجد الهدف وتوجه اليه
Example : The missile LOCKED ONTO the plane and blew it out of the sky.
Lock out = Close a workplace to stop workers entering
Meaning : اغلق موقع العمل لمنع العمل من الدخول
Example : The management LOCKED the staff OUT because they had turned down the pay offer.
Lock up = Close all doors, windows, etc.
Meaning : يغلق الابواب والشبابيك
Example : She LOCKED UP after everyone had left and went home.
Lock yourself away = Go somewhere away from people to study or work
Meaning : اقفل على نفسه لغرض الداراسة او العمل
Example : I LOCK MYSELF AWAY for a few weeks before exams.

Idioms with Look

Look after = Take care
Meaning : يعتني بـ
Example : Their auntie LOOKED AFTER them while their mother was in hospital.
Look back = Think about the past
Meaning : يفكر في الماضي
Example : Old people often LOOK BACK on over their lives.
Look down on = Have a low opinion of
Meaning : ينظر بزدراء او تكبر الى
Example : He LOOKS DOWN ON his colleagues because he thinks he's better than they are.
Look for = Try to find
Meaning : يبحث عن
Example : I've been LOOKING FOR all their hidden files, but I can't find them anywhere.
Look forward to = Wait for or anticipate something pleasant = expect with pleasure
Meaning : يتطلع الى
Example : I'm LOOKING FORWARD TO meeting you.
Look in = Make a quick visit
Meaning : يمر بـ او يزور بسرعة
Example : I'll LOOK IN on my way home.
Look into = Research, investigate
Meaning : يبحث او يحقق فيه
Example : We'll LOOK INTO the problem and come back to you when we have the information.
Look on = Watch something like a crime without helping
Meaning : يتفرج بدون ان يحرك ساكناً
Example : The crowd just LOOKED ON as the old lady was mugged.
Look out = Be careful
Meaning : كن حذراً
Example : LOOK OUT; you're going to drop that!
Look round = Inspect a house
Meaning : يتفحص المنزل
Example : We LOOKED ROUND the house and decided that we didn't like it enough to buy it.
Look to = Expect, hope
Meaning : يأمل او يتوقع
Example : The company is LOOKING TO increase its sales in Asia.
Look up = Improve
Meaning : يتحسن
Example : The economy is LOOKING UP.
Look up to = Respect
Meaning : يحترم
Example : She's LOOKS UP TO her mother.
Look upon as = Consider = regard
Meaning : يعتبر
Example : I LOOK UPON him AS a close friend.
Look up a word = search for it in a dictionary
Meaning : يبحث عن كلمة في القاموس
Example : I don't know the meaning of this word ; I shall look it up
Look in on = Visit briefly to see if everything's all right
Meaning : يزور بقصد الاطمئنان على
Example : I'm going to LOOK IN ON grannie on the way home tonight as she's been a bit unwell recently.

Idioms with Make

Make do with = Accept something less satisfactory because there's no alternative
Meaning : اختيار شي بدون يكون له بديل
Example : There's no coffee, so we'll have to MAKE DO with tea.
Make for = go towards = Head in a certain direction
Meaning : يتجه نحو
Example : We MADE FOR home when it started raining.
Make into = Change something into something else
Meaning : يبدل شيئ بشيئ اخر
Example : Many churches have been MADE INTO flats in recent years.
Make it = Arrive or get a result
Meaning : يصل او يحصل على نتيجة
Example : I thought you weren't coming, so I was really pleased you MADE IT.
Make it up to = Try to compensate for doing something wrong
Meaning : التعويض عن عمل شيئ خاطى
Example : He tried to MAKE IT UP TO her, but she wouldn't speak to him.
Make off with = Steal
Meaning : يسرق
Example : Thieves MADE OFF with over a million dollars in the robbery.
Make out = Make a cheque payable to somebody
Meaning : يدفع لأمر
Example : Please MAKE the cheque OUT to RGM Productions Ltd.
Make over = Change appearance
Meaning : يغير مظهر
Example : The beauty salon gave her a MAKEOVER before the party.
Make up = Put on cosmetics
Meaning : تضع مساحيق التجميل
Example : She went to the bathroom to MAKE her face UP.
Make with = Give (usually used as an imperative)
Meaning : يعطي
Example : MAKE with the money you owe me.
Make fun of = laugh at
Meaning : يضحك على الناس
Example : It is bad to make fun of other people.

Idioms with Pass

Pass around = Give out to everybody there
Meaning : يوزع
Example : The teacher PASSED the handout AROUND.
Pass as = Be believed to be something
Meaning : يعتقد ان يكون
Example : Although not qualified, he managed to PASS AS a doctor for years.
Pass by = Go past without stopping
Meaning : يمر بالصدفة او مارا فحسب
Example : I was just PASSING BY when I saw the accident.
Pass by = Visit briefly
Meaning : زيارة سريعة
Example : I was PASSING BY her house the other day when I heard about it.
Pass by = Miss an opportunity
Meaning : ضيع الفرصة
Example : The chance for promotion PASSED me BY.

Pass for = Be accepted as something, usually when not
Meaning : يقبل شيئ لم يقبله من قبل
Example : You'd be surprised at what PASSES FOR good cooking in many
Pass off = Convince something that something is real
Meaning : يقتنع بان هذا الشيئ حقيقي
Example : I managed to PASS OFF the fake money in the market.
Pass off = Happen in a certain way
Meaning : مرت اي بمعني عبرت
Example : The demonstration PASSED OFF peacefully.
Pass on = Give a message to someone
Meaning : يوصل او يعطي
Example : I'll PASS the message ON when she gets here.
Pass on = Die
Meaning : يموت
Example : Her husband PASSED ON last year.
Pass out = Faint, lose consciousness
Meaning : يفقد الوعي
Example : He got so drunk that he PASSED OUT.
Pass over = Ignore someone and give a job, reward, etc, to someone more junior
Meaning : يكافئ
Example : They PASSED him OVER and made his assistant the new director.
Pass through = Visit a place without stopping or only stopping briefly
Meaning : يزور مكان بدون ان يتوقف او يتوقف لفترة قصيرة يمر مرور الكرام
Example : I didn't see much as I was only PASSING THROUGH the town.
Pass to = Give ownership or responsibility to someone
Meaning : يتخلى عن الملكية او المسؤولية لشخص ما
Example : The shares PASSED TO his daughter when he died.

Idioms with Put

Put across = Communicate, convey a message
Meaning : يُوصل او يعبر عن ما يريد قوله
Example : He found it difficult to PUT ACROSS what he wanted to say at the meeting.
Put away = Put something back in the correct place
Meaning : يعيد شيئاً ما الى المكان الصحيح
Example : He PUT the dictionary BACK on the shelf after he'd finished the crossword.
Put away = Put someone in prison
Meaning : يسجن , يضع شخصاً ما في السجن
Example : The judge PUT him AWAY for ten years for robbery.
Put back = Rearrange something for a later time
Meaning : يعيد تنظيم شيئاُ ما لوقت لاحق
Example : The AGM has been PUT BACK until July the seventeenth.
Put by = Save for the future
Meaning : يدخره للمستقبل
Example : I try to PUT some money BY every month towards our summer holiday.
Put down = Kill an animal because it's old, ill, etc.
Meaning : يقتل حيوان لكبر سنه
Example : He had his dog PUT DOWN because it was in a lot of pain from its tumours.
Put in = Install
Meaning : ينصب
Example : They had to PUT IN a whole new central heating system because the house was so cold.
Put in for = Make a request
Meaning : قدّمْ طلباً
Example : He PUT IN FOR a transfer to the new branch.
Put off = Postpone
Meaning : يؤجل
Example : The concert's been PUT OFF until next month because the singer's got a throat infection.
Put on = Start wearing
Meaning : يلبس
Example : I PUT my coat ON before we went out.
Put on = Deceive, lie
Meaning : يكذب , يخدع
Example : I am not PUTTING you ON.
Put out = Broadcast
Meaning : يُذيع
Example : Several charities PUT OUT an appeal on TV for money for the victims of the flooding in Mozambique.
Put out = Extinguish a cigarette, fire, etc.
Meaning : يطفئ سيجاره او نار ... الخ
Example : He PUT OUT his cigarette before entering the building.
Put through = Connect someone by phone
Meaning : يتصل بشخص ما هاتفياً
Example : Could you PUT me THROUGH to extension 259 please.
Put towards = Make a financial contribution
Meaning : يقدم مساهمة مالية
Example : She PUT $250 TOWARDS the cost of the repairs and we had to pay the rest.
Put up = Allow someone to stay at your house for a night or a few days.
Meaning : يسمح لشخص ما بالبقاء في بيتك ليوم او عدة ايام
Example : She PUT me UP for the night because I'd missed the last bus and there were no night buses running.
Put up = Increase prices, taxes, duties, etc.
Meaning : يزيد الاسعار او الضرائب
Example : The government has PUT tuition fees for undergraduate students UP again

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