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A Tale of Two Cities: A Different Approach

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11-11-2011, 08:42 PM
sami22 sami22
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: 23 - 4 - 2010
: Palestine
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Woe for a nation that eats from what it doesnt plant and wears from what it doesnt sew Chinese wisdom.
And this is how in a few decades China turned out from a feudal country into the first industrial country and will soon beat the States This is how and why China produces all what the whole world needs at the time the Arab world (still ruled by the San Remo Plot through which the Arab area was divided into pieces) imports every single thing it needs, and even forced to buy what it doesnt need in lots of cases (like the new military arsenals to be used against a neighbor or a brother country but never against the occupiers that fill our region)
A few weeks ago, a friend of mine (was a classmate) came to consult me in building his house (stupidly) thinking that I am a genius planner and builder he got the excuse, because (after working for ten years since I was a child- in all what you can imagine of works, specially construction) I could plan and work out nearly every single thing with my own hand- starting from drawing and redrawing the maps for nights, digging the bases, building the walls, the iron bars, the roof, planning and installing electricity and water systemsetc,.. and all that because I worked enough to learn what I need, and you cant imagine how much I had put aside, but I did that not because I wanted to put aside money but because I didnt have enough to pay the workers !!! It took me 13 months to finish my house of sqm107 !!
I took my friend to a local store where you can buy all what you can think of construction infrastructure; cement, pipes, wires (any size), tubs, faucets, showers, tiles, lighteningetc, etc, etc When we reached the gate, there was a big sign (This store is clean from the products and services of the settlements) and when we got inside we found nothing but settlement products !!! You see how blatantly and unashamedly we are liars? Why? The hell, tell me why !!

Burqan, is a big and well known industrial city, sorry settlement, in the heart of the West Bank, and it produces around 150 products of furniture, chemicals, plastic products (all what you can imagine of profitable plastic products), food, drinks, detergents, almost all what you need at home. But why the hell we lie? Why our reverent government spends millions of dollars for brochure, campaigns, TV programs, staffs, interviewing specialists, collecting data all for a big lie?
This spring I started building a small mini-market in our tiny village. It took me six weeks to finish every single thing with my own hands- and it was exactly like what I wanted it to be .. after two months of the opening, I can tell you that most of what I sell is from our neighbors the rampaging settlers, the modern copy of the American fugitive cowboy .. Do I have the choice? Of course not. Even when I warn costumers (all are my cousins. And if you dont know we, Bedouins, have 500,000 cousins) some tell me: so what? Isnt it edible? Others even recommend certain products knowing that they are from their oppressor !!!

In israel, there is a system of vocational school called Reshet Amal of which you can find one in every town, and several in every cities. And as israel is a so democratic state and the only democratic oasis in the Middle East, they (the Zionists) have two Different systems of those Amal schools for the jewish settlers other than the system for the indigenous Palestinian villages and towns: In the jewish system, they provide courses that produce fighters, snipers, security agents, economists, interrogators, armed guard, computer and net experts, hackers, musitions, painters, site managers (to control and watch at the Palestinian workers) and mostly of what is called (white jobs) however, the indigenous Palestinians are forced to choose the dirty careers of builders, garbage cleaners, servants, cooks, toilers if not, they got to face the street and end into a dead end !!!
This way, this systematic teaching and training, makes the difference, creates and molds the generation you want !!! This is all done with the approval and auspice of the GRAND WB yes, you heard it well, The WORLD BANK !!! Also there is a very similar program that is conducted by the UNRWA vocational centers to produce the same quality of Palestinian servants (in the early 1980s, when the israeli building market needed more and more dirty workers, the UNRWA launched a wide program in every Palestinian refugee camp to prepare the refugees to work and serve their oppressor as builders, tilers, bleachers, servants (in cooperation with the zionists of course) ) but the problem is that when you ask the UNRWA officers, they will boast of helping the poor refugees to win their bread the hell with the UNRWAs well-planned programs !!!
Two years ago, a friend of mine, a lawyer, a classmate too ( Didnt I tell you that we, Bedouins, also have 500,000 friends?) told me a strange story: this lawyer (got his MA in International Law from Paris, and now preparing for his PhD dissertation- see? despite the UNRWA programs, we are not all builders) was working for a Law Institution. The manager held a meeting for the workers to decide democratically to rent a car, to decide its type, model and probably its color and accessories. After a heated discussion my friend suggested that it is a stupid idea to rent a car for two years, it is a waste for the donors money to pay some 30,000 USD (that apart from the daily fuel) to rent a car that doesnt cost a third of this sum to buy it. He suggested buying a new one and using it for two years, then to sell it again, and this will cost them not more that 10% of the suggested sum The Law Institute owner, sorry, the manager said a big NO. But why sir manager, businessman or whatever? The manager said that we are not allowed to buy, it is not only that, but also we have to choose from a wide range of certain car-rent companies. Who said that?, my friend asked. It is the donor, the WORLD BANK !!!
You see? This is how the money is dictated to create a New Middle East in which israel is the dominant player militarily, economically, politically and whatever you like lly.
This could explain the reason behind the crises between Egypt and USAID. between Gaza and the USAID that happened this month, in wich the USAID stopped all its projects in Gaza they dont want any one to interfere in their programs, not even the relevant countries and communities. they, the USAID and such humanitairian agencies are not more than the economic arm for the intelligence agencies, they aim to set programs that facilitate their control. every Western country has its own humanitarian agency

The Story started some 100 years ago. At 1917 (the date of Balfour Declaration) when the Palestinian economy was (comparatively) one of the most developed and modernized economies in the region. It took the British occupiers exactly 30 years to accomplish their promise to the jews; to -systematically- devastate the Palestinian economic and social structure, to kick the Palestinians out of their homesand build a modern, powerful and stable jewish colonizer society. This has happened deliberately, and step-by-step while deceiving the Arabs with the good intention of the government of His Britannic Majesty King George the Fifth in London. The trick passed and they transplanted a nation into the Arab body, however, we are still, after 100 years, suffering the side effects of planting that cancer of the Zionist entity.
Shall I end here?
After the establishment of the Zionist entity on the rubble of Palestine, the French government was a major player in aiding the Zionists, both in the 1956 sub-war and later (after knowing that israel is defenseless without the Nuclear Weapon) in building the Zionist Nuclear core in more than a site in israel France got it share in adopting the bastard !!
The American role in nurturing the poor jewish state emerged like a rocket after the war of 1973 the American role in aiding the Zionist entity dosnt need any further explanation after mentioning the yearly unconditioned almost 4 billion USD, this is other than the unlimited military aids like those shipments sent to the Zionists while they were burning Gaza !!
Do you know Kurtz? Not my friend in no way, though I have dozens-virtually at least !! Kurtz, is the main character in Heart Of Darkness , [a short novella, strongly recommended] the masterpiece of Joseph Conrad. Conrad describes Kurtz as half polish half German, educated in France and served the British Crown. Conrad says: he is the breed of whole Europe. This Kurtz (as Conrad described him over 100 years ago) was in a holy mission to educate Africa, but he ended up a real curse for Africa, and turned into a cannibal opening his mouth wide to swallow the white gold of that time, the African ivory Now we have our Kurtz now represented in the Zionist entity that turned into the butcher of the age, protecting the West greed of the black gold of the Arabia !!

Why Iran?
It took the Britons thirty years to kick the Palestinians out, and the French a few years to create Nuclear Zionist state that is eligible and entitled to any new technology specially the deadly ones. The so democratic West, was about to make the Apartheid South Africa a nuclear state for them to be able to control the whole of Africa from Cape-Town BUT the democratic and forgiving South Africa is banned from getting nuclear Power, even for peaceful purposes. Why?
This is how the whole west (talking of governments and capital) is backing the Zionist entity; the only colonial occupying state on earth, not only with the Nuclear weapons, but also with the most modern and updated killer technology. Why?
When Iran was ruled by a feudal dictator, the so democratic States started backing him with the nuclear knowledge, and even built a primitive core for not to compete them BUT after the public Islamic revolution it became a rogue country, that not only prevented from getting any scientific knowledge, but also besieged to be deprived from developing even its own knowledge. Why?
You see? A Tale of two cities, two states, or even two tiny villages never mind, but it is the politics of the whole world including its benevolent UNRWA and Grand WB !! To keep enslaving the weak, to keep monopolizing the market !!
Nuclear Iran would mean a New Middle East other than that one of Ms Condie or that one drawn by the end of WW1, a new middle east that will be free off the American supported Arab dictators to create it own future, to have its full independence off the transnation (American dominated) companies !!
But why to live the lie our deadly lie of our so lovely and American dominated PA? Stop lying my dears, we will never be able to boycott the Zionist products stop the lie of the Palestinian economy, there is nothing like that at all. The Palestinian economy has been devastated decades ago. We are just consumers for the Zionist productsthat are cultivated from our land by our hands and you got to thank the UNRWA for training us to work and serve the genius jewish mind !! If you want to help me fishing let me develop my own boat dont destroy my boat and train me to fish for you day-by-day
The Palestinian economy ? what a big joke our PA managers and VIP holders are not more than sub-sub-subagents for the Zionist businessmen. And our economy has completely been annexed to the Zionist one (thanks for the West, UNRWA and WB policy) decades ago !
Stop the lie and say it frankly that the West got sick of funding the occupation. That you are just managers for the tax revenue (mostly of the Zionist products). the boycott campaign is just a lie, why you dont admit? It only aims to control the whole market and to milk the already impoverished people, to get enough money to pay the occupation police .. you think you will get a state by obeying the American orders and milking your own people? Stop the lie, stop devastating our economy first by annexing it more deep into the Zionist shark. Try the most primitive way of developing a primitive local and popular economy, micro-economy. There is space, there are minds (probably not as good as the genius jewish mind, but still we have minds to build our own boat and start fishing !!

The West got sick of funding a corrupt PA, they (the West) are seriously working on finishing our issue and give the rest to the oppressor, they wont give you a boat but will break you small boatSaudi Arabia? it is the slave of the big boss, it boasted of announcing donating 2 billion to Gaza but nothing arrived, nothing at all build on your own nation, on your own children
We will never be able to build a state under occupation, not even with the existence of the transplant Zionist entity
In short, all the efforts of the West (including the humanitarian ones) are directed to create one fact of two cities; a Huge industrial settlement neighboring an impoverished refugee camp, a powerful transplanted state near impoverished, devastated and divided Arab cantons !!!

At the Spring of theArab Street (two years ago I started talking of my beloved man of the street in my posts ) I have a VISION OF HOPE. Not that vision of hope built on the catholic marriage between capital and occupation to deceive the greedy agents but a VISION OF HOPE that is built on the masses of the street to create a better future for the whole region without the side effects of the Zionist transplant without the existence of the cancer itself !!

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11-12-2011, 01:02 AM
  Hard Times
Hard Times Hard Times
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: 18 - 4 - 2010
: There ....
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Hard Times has a spectacular aura about

long article ... it needs time to be read

what attracted me to start reading it is the title

i read before a novel called a tale of two cities

i think the title is charming but i need to read the content

i will be back later to add my comment upon the content


:  Hard Times


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