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some rules of stress

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06-19-2011, 04:07 AM
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Rule 1:

Words ending in ic or ics have their main stress on the first syllable before the last (Penultimate syllable).

ultimate = final

penultimate = before final (second from end)

ante penultimate = before before the final (third from the end)

specific dip
lomatic idiomatic democratic economics phonetics scientific

Rule 2:

Words ending in ical have their main stress on the second syllable before the last.(ante penultimate

mechanical electrical Identical economical psychological

Rule 3:

When a word ending in icgenerates other words, the stress remains on the same syllable

critic criticism Italic italicize

classic classicist

rule 4:

Words ending in ion have their main stress on the syllable before ion

suspicion exclamation examination compensation pronunciation

Rule 5:

finalional words are stressed in the same way as ion words. The same applies to final ionist, -ionism, -ionize words

sensation sensational fiction fictional

tradition traditional fraction fractional

education educational

impression impressionism

perfection perfectionism

revolution revolutionize

Rule 6:

Rule for ion also applies to words ending in the following:

-io portfolio ratio radio

-ior senior junior interior superior inferior

- ious suspicious harmonious infectious

-uous continuous contemptuous

-eous spontaneous homogeneous advantageous

Rule 7:

words ending in cy, -ty, -phy, and gy have their main stress on ante-penultimate syllable.

ge'ology deMOcracy

ge'OGraphy photo'graph pho'tographer photo'graphic phoTOgraphy

05-22-2015, 06:19 PM
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Rules of word stress in English*

1/stress on first syllable:

Most 2-syllable nouns.
PREsent, EXport, CHIna, TAble.
Most 2-syllable adjectives.
PREsent, SLENder, CLEver, HAPpy.

2/stress on last syllable:
Most 2-syllable verbs.
To preSENT, to exPORT, to deCIDE, to beGIN.

3/stress on penultimate syllable (penultimate =second from the end) :
Words ending in-ic .
GRAphic , geoGRAphic, geoLOgic.
Words ending in ( sion, tion).
TeleVIsion, reveLAtion.

4/stress on ante-penultimate syllable (ante-penultimate=third from the end):
Words ending in ( cy, ty, phy, gy).
DeMOcracy , dependaBIlity, phoTOgraphy, geOlogy.
Words ending in - al.
CRItical, geoLOgical

5/compound words (words with two parts):
For compound nouns, the stress is on the first part.
BLACKbird, GREENhouse.
For compound adjectives, the stress is on the second part.
Bad-TEMpered, old-FASHIOned.
For compound verbs, the stress is on the second part.
To underSTAND, to overFLOW.



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