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Words Often Confused

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Words Often Confused

اليوم أقدم لكم موضوع جديد وهوعبارة عن كلمات
قد تبدو متشابهة في اللفظ أو المعنى مما يؤدي إلى استعمالها في طريقة خاطئة.

Accept and Except

1) Accept

accept is always a verb meaning agree
accept = هي فعل بمعنى يقبل أو يوافق

Example: The mother accepted her child's apology
Tom accepted the gift with pleasure

2) Except

except is sometimes a verb meaning to exclude. if it comes as a preposition, then it means excluding
except = قد تأتي فعل بمعنى ما عدا و قد تأتي حرف جر بمعنى إلاّ

Example: They all went to the party except me
Add all the number from 1 to 9 except 6

She will accept the conditions except those that deal with her perosnal life

They all accepted to go on a vacation except Mary

Advice and Advise

1) Advice

advice is a noun that means an opinion
هي إسم بمعني نصيحة

Example: The daughter asked her mother's advice

2) Advise

advise is a verb that means to give counsel
هي فعل بمعنى يسدي النصيحة

Example: The teacher advised her students to study well for the test

He advised me about buying that house, but i didnt take by his advice

Parents are supposed to advise their children and children have to listen to their parents' advice

ِAffect and Effect

1) Affect

Affect is usually a verb meaning to influence
هي عادة تأتي على شكل فعل بمعنى يؤثر

Example: Cold weather affected the crops
The music affected him deeply

2) Effect

Effect is used as a noun meaning result or influence
هي إسم بمعنى نتيجة أو تأثير

ُExample: Exposure to the sun had the effect of toughening his skin
His protest had no effect
It is also used as a verb to mean to produce as a result or to cause
هي تأتي أيضا فعل بمعنى يحقق أو يسبب

Example: I will effect my purpose; no one shall stop me

The new law affected the crime rate, and this effect was largest in the cities

She was affected by the accident but the effect was not so bad

Agree to and Agree with

1) Agree to

agree to means to to give consent. this means to agree to a plan
هي فعل بمعنى يوافق على خطة

example: He agreed to accompany the ambassador
Do you agree to the conditions
We agreed to her suggestion

2) Agree with

agree with is to agree with another person this means to have the same views
هي فعل بمعنى يتفق مع شخص ما

Example: I don't agree with you
I agree with you on that

All right or Alright

1) All right

Alright as too Words is all right
This means that it is accepted as standard english and it is correctly used
هي كلمة بمعنى حسن جدا و أحيانا تستعمل بمعنى نعم
و إستعمالها على هذا الشكل أي في كلمتين منفصلتين (all right) صحيح

Example: The anwers are all right
This means that all of them are correct or that they are satisfactory on the whole

2) Alright

Alright is a nonstandard abbreviation meaning all right
This means that it is not accepted as standard english
هي أيضا تعني حسن جدا أو نعم
و لكن إستعمالها خاطئ في اللغة الانجليزية الصحيحة لأنها كلمة عامية

ِAll together and Altogether

1) All together

All together means everyone in a group
تعني الجميع أو الكل في مجموعة

Example: The books lay all together in a heap
The children were all together in the kitchen

2) Altogether

Altogether means completely or entirely
هي كلمة بمعنى بشكل تام أو بشكل عام

Example: Altogether, I'm sorry it happened
The debt amounted altogether to twenty dollars

ِAltogether there are 14 people when the group is all together

Bases and Basis

1) Bases

Bases means the underlying supports
كلمة بمعني القاعدات أو الأساسات (عادة تستعمل للديث عن الأمور الحسية / المادية)

Example: I saw a skyscraper built on a base of solid rock
The base of the pyramid is very wide

2) Basis

Basis means the groundwork
كلمة بمعنى أساس (عادة تستعمل للدلالة على الأمور المعنوية)

Example: The nurse is paid on an hourly basis
He was chosen on the basis of his college grades

The bases of the building were built on the basis of a survey

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الصورة الرمزية فادي_أبو محمد
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Beside and Besides

1) Beside

Beside means by the side of
كلمة بمعنى بجانب (قرب)

Example: Sit down beside me
The family rode in the carriage, and the dog ran along beside

2) Besides

Besides means also or in addition to or moreover
كلمة بمعنى بالإضافة إلى

Example: Besides these honors he received a sum of money
There are three elm trees and two maples besides

Besides his hat and coat, he left his shoes beside the river

Coarse or Course

1) Coarse

caorse means rough
كلمة بمعنى خشن أو غير لائق

Example: He had coarse manners but an absolutely first-rate mind
His coarse language angered us

2) Course

a- course can be onward movement, or a series of studies
كلمة قد تأتي بمعني سياق الأمور أو دورة (فصل تعليمي)

Example: in the course of events
a four-year course in engineering
he took a course in basket weaving

b- course can also mean a part of a meal served at one time
قد تأتي أيضا بمعنى جزء من وجبة طعام

Example: The first course was a delicious soup
she prepared a three course meal

Aid and Aide

1) Aid

aid means to give help
فعل بمعنى يساعد

Example: Many volunteers wanted to aid the homeless victims of the fire.
Huge projects designed to aid poorer countries can sometimes do more harm than good

2) Aide

aide means an assistant or helper
كلمة بمعنى مساعد أو معاون

Example: One of the senator's aides is calling
Jack is an aide to the Prime Minister

Desert or Dessert

1) Desert

desert means a place of little rainfall
المعنى بالعربي "صحراء"

Example: The Sahara is a vast sandy desert
They were lost in the desert for nine days
We had to cross a large area of arid, featureless desert

2) Dessert

Dessert means sweets or the like served at the end of a meal
المعنى بالعربي "الحلوة أو التحلية"

Example: For dessert there's apple pie, cheesecake or fruit
If you make the main course, I'll make a dessert

Later or Latter

1) Later

Later means more late
المعنى بالعربي "لاحقا"

Example: She arrived on the ferry, and he came later
He later felt that he was wrong
I'll see you later
He's going to the store but he'll be back here later

2) Latter

Latter means the second of two people, things or groups previously mentioned
المعنى بالعربي "الأخير - أي المذكور أخيرا"

Example: I prefer the latter offer to the former one
Between captain and major, the latter is the higher rank
She offered me more money or a car and I chose the latter

John and Joe were late, but the latter was later

Morning and Mourning

1) Morning

Morning is the early part of the day
المعنى العربي = الصباح

Example: I spent the morning running errands
They talked until morning

2) Mourning

Mourning is sorrowing or lamentation
المعنى العربي = الحِداد

ُExample: Shops will be closed today as a sign of mourning for the king
He was in mourning for his wife

Fair or Fare

1) Fair

Fair means just, not bad
المعنى العربي = عادل أو مقبول

Example: It's not fair that she's allowed to go and I'm
All the workers want is a fair wage for the work that they do

2) Fare

Fare is a price for travel
المعنى العربي = الأجرة

Example: He hadn't enough money for his bus fare

Pale or Pail

1) Pale

Pale means without much color or light
المعنى العربي = خافت أو شاحب

Example: You're looking pale - do you feel ill
She went pale with fear

2) Pail

Pail means bucket
المعنى العربي = دلو - سطل

Example: Fill the pail with sand
It took several pails of water

Like or Such as

1) Like

Like is used for resemblances / similarities
تستعمل Like للحديث عن الشبه

Example: He works like a beaver
He is just like his father
Your necklace is just like mine

2) Such as

Such as is used for examples
تستعمل Such as لإعطاء امثلة

Example: She adores the English novels of manners, such as those by Austen and Trollope
He considers quiet pastimes, such as reading and chess, a bore

رد مع اقتباس
قديم 08-03-2010, 11:13 AM
الصورة الرمزية فادي_أبو محمد
فادي_أبو محمد فادي_أبو محمد غير متصل
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When you're sick, do you have a temperature or a fever? Do you put jam or jelly on your toast? It isn't always easy to know which word to use. Although the words in these questions are often used for each other, they mean different things. A temperature is the degree of heat or cold measured by a thermometer. A fever in a person is a body temperature above 98.6°F. Jelly is a combination of fruit juice and sugar; jam is boiled fruit pulp and sugar. Many words in our language are similar but not the same


رد مع اقتباس
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الصورة الرمزية sami22
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Thanks... But
words cant be confused, they confuse or are confusing

توقيع :  sami22
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بارك الله فيك ويعطيك العافية على هذا الموضوع

توقيع :  عبد77

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جميل جدا الموضوع و مفيد جزاك الله خير اخوي

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بــــــــــــــــارك الله فيك اخي الكريم على هذا الجهد الطيب والطرح المميز جدا .

توقيع :  khalid999

**إن المبادئ والأفكار التي لا يرويها اصحابها بدمائهم لن يكتب لها البقاء والاستمرار**

رد مع اقتباس
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